Gothique Products

Gothique Products

Chris D'Anda of Je Jeune Salon developed Gothique™, a hair care product line consisting of a Moisture Balance Shampoo and Detangling Conditioner, along with a string of stylish nail color polishes. Gothique™ represents Chris' first steps in an exciting line of products after years in the hair-care and beauty industry. Gothique™ products are custom and carefully formulated to be healthy and nutritious for your hair, best of all, they distinctly capture part of Chris' unique style.

"I love Gothique because it's the total package: it makes my hair fuller, shinier and smell amazing"
Anna Faris

"Gothique gets my hair clean. It doesn't strip it or dry it out like other shampoos"
Drew Lachey

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Moisture Balance Shampoo from Gothique Products is a rich, old-world blend of herbal extracts and essential oils that nourishes and revitalizes all types of hair. While daily or almost daily use of most moisturizing shampoos begin leaving a heavy buildup after just a few uses, Gothique Moisture Balance Shampoo leaves nothing behind made to be used daily in combination with Gothique Detangling Conditioner - nothing but an oh-so soft and lustrous head of hair. The shampoo ingredients include chamomile extract, rosemary extract, sage extract, nettle extract and aloe. The fragrance is a cherry almond essential oil, which leaves a faint hint of scent in your hair

Detangling Conditioner from Gothique Products is made from a complex mixture of botanical oils that promote luminous, healthy, and satiny soft hair. Even the most knotted bed-head of curly hair is instantly freed of static and frizziness, allowing your comb or brush to slip through almost unnoticed. Like the Moisture Balance Shampoo, the Detangling Conditioner is rich in nutrients yet extremely lightweight, allowing your hair to feel and be healthy without sacrificing volume. Ingredients include wheat germ oil (providing protein, Vitamins E and B, and minerals), grape seed oil and carrot oil (rich in Vitamins A and C). The fragrance is a cherry almond essential oil, which leaves a faint hint of scent in your hair